Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.

Dalai LamaSpiritual leader of the Tibetan people

Hiking = discovery!

Mythical landscapes shape European Hiking Villages and create unforgettable hiking moments. Gentle mountain meadows, powerful riverscapes and near-heavenly mountain experiences leave behind pictures that will last forever.
Europe’s horizon is broad and the journey to find authentic natural locales, traditions and residents is truly full of adventure.

Austria Front-row seats in the Alps

Stunningly beautiful places of longing can be found within Austria’s mythical landscapes. Small idyllic villages are true gems with lively traditions and fascinating histories. Lech am Arlberg offers front-row seats for Austria’s natural wonders. Nestled between Tirol and Vorarlberg, it is known worldwide for its winter backdrop and in the summer months, it unfurls into a mythical  naturjal gem and traditional hiking area.

South Tyrol Alpine Mediterranean retreats

Moments of longing in South Tyrol: Mediterranean flair, the radiant power of the mountains and a spirited, alpine attitude to life. The little villages of the Dolomites are delightful retreats exuding a particular charm. An infectious warmth makes your stay utterly unforgettable – whether you’re down in the valleys or nestled in protected landscapes.

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