Every themed hiking trail tells its own story about the region, landscape and people.

This not only embellishes the landscape but also provides hikers with specific suggestions for their trips through each mythical landscape. You can hike, feel and experience the regions’ fascinating legends every step of the way.

Lechweg trail

For over 125 km, the Lechweg long-distance hiking trail accompanies its eponymous river through one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe. Hikers follow the water’s life story from its source as a crystal-clear mountain spring to its culmination as a roaring waterfall (6-8 stages, 125 km, difficulty B/C)

Tru di Pra

Take one step at a time through the wonderful world of the Prati dell’Armentara meadows and be charmed by their beauty – hike along the Tru di Pra following bridleways to Ciamplorët. Every visitor cannot fail to be struck by the character of the mountain pasture village La Val and by the importance of mountain pasture farming for the region (2 stages, 24.5 km, difficulty B/C)

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