European Hiking Villages are subject to a quality check and must meet the criteria of the European Hiking Quality seal.
The evaluation is comprehensive but largely revolves around ensuring guests can experience and feel these mythical landscapes locally. It’s about sharing the legend and regional authenticity. It all starts with the information office and continues right through to furnishings along the hiking trails. The hiking village, hiking trail and hiking hosts are part of a coherent overall experience and must play a role in this together.
mythical landscapes, hiking village, hiking trail and the hiking host.

All members are awarded the European Hiking Quality seal.

Karmen Nahberger

Hiking Quality seal 3 categories The European Hiking Quality seal is awarded based on three categories:

certificationThe village

Having the quality checked by being awarded the European Hiking Quality seal guarantees ideal hiking infrastructure in the village, hosts who love to hike and an authentic overall experience to ensure the perfect hiking holiday.

The criteria

  • Overall concept reflected throughout the village as a basis for waymarkers and design
  • A certified themed hiking trail that is in keeping with the overall concept and represents the mythical landscape
  • At least 3 qualified hiking hosts
  • A holistic guidance system with a hike starting point and waymarkers
  • Information office as a centre of hiking excellence

Download German criteria

certificationThe trail

Carefully selected and qualified hiking trails that lead to the most beautiful and attractive cultural and nature experiences, and leave clues about these legendary landscapes.

The criteria

  • Complete trail experience in line with the overall concept
  • Sufficient proportion of asphalt along the trail in accordance with the quality category
  • Reliable signage along the trail
  • Hike starting point
  • Information about the hiking trail

Download German criteria

certificationHiking host

The accommodation in European Hiking Villages is run by committed hikers who can show their guests the most attractive trails through their village’s mythical landscapes and offer a perfect hiking service programme.

The criteria

  • Multilingual
  • Host’s hiking competence (hiking and tour advice)
  • Offering at least two guided hikes with a certified hiking guide
  • In-house hiking equipment
  • Hike starting point and near to the hiking trail network

Download German criteria

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