Only where you were walking, you have really been!

Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGerman poet

Mythical Europe’s most beautiful mythical landscapes Idyllic natural gems

Europe: a continent that offers an unimaginable abundance of enchanting natural spaces. You can feel the powerful legends of the landscapes shaped by their formation, location or importance to people. In these privileged natural environments, you will find European Hiking Villages. Idyllic places of longing, full of character and a past steeped in history: in the heart of these hidden natural gems, hiking trails lead you through breathtaking hiking wonderlands crossing Europe’s most beautiful landscapes.


Mythical landscapes Austria Where mountains, scenery and water come together

Where can you find the legend behind Austria’s landscapes? In the breathtaking, multi-faceted mountains and the magical rivers and lakes that exist in such diverse, rich splendour? Or in the traditional villages, such as Lech, an island in the mountains at the foot of the legendary Arlberg? It is probably the profound interaction between all three landscapes that makes Austrian nature so beautiful and so valuable.


Mythical landscapes South Tyrol Alpine yet Mediterranean

The mythical landscapes of South Tyrol radiate an incomparable attitude to life, which can be seen in the sheer proximity to nature and culture. Some of the most beautiful European regions and settings for gripping legends and myths have been recognised by UNESCO. This includes the Trudner Horn Nature Park, where Mediterranean Italy noticeably merges into Alpine South Tyrol. The traditional mountain farming culture, including delicious cuisine, age-old customs and a third official language, is held in high regard on the enchanting Alpine meadows of La Val. Schnalstal valley, nestled between gentle vineyards and colossal glaciers, is also known far and wide – Ötzi, the famous ice man, was discovered here.

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