Exchanging international experience

Valuable further development in relation to quality can only occur if there is a constant face-to-face exchange of thoughts and experience. Cooperation among members in different sectors and the two annual International Hiking Village Symposia promote on-going reflection and further development across the entire group, thus helping it grow into a community


What is a "symposium"?

Networking Exchange with experienced tourism

Digital News News from the digital world

Production To put nature in the right place

Perspective Sharpen your own view

The term “symposium” is Greek in origin and means something along the lines of “convivial discussion”. Building on this definition, the word symposium has developed over time and is now used for academic conferences

In our case, the word has come to life to create a platform for European Hiking Villages. The continually growing hiking villages throughout Europe bring a different perspective to the tourism sector, which can further expand our own fixed views. The European Hiking Symposium makes it possible to exchange experience, gather new ideas and look behind the scenes.

The Review That was the 8th European Hiking Symposium

The 8th European Hiking Symposium was held at the base of the legendary Streif racing piste in Kitzbühel. Nestled between the Kitzbüheler Horn and Hahnenkamm mountains, we sought out answers to the question of how we can rediscover nature and make it visible again in a digital world, so that we can continue to attract guests and inspire them.

Net labor day Practice day

The net labor day Highlights, news and networking packed in one day

The networking day was packed with stimulating impulse lectures, interesting discussions and exciting news from the digital world, as well as new looks for nature on your doorstep.

Next to Jan Schubert (Tourism Director – Pfronten Tourismus) and Matthias Gamper (Hotelier Eagle’s Nest Schnalstal) Stefan Leitner (photographer for nature, landscape and tourism) as well as many other speakers found their way to Kitzbühel.


The practice day New impulses and the view from outside - all this at the Hahnenkamm

The practical day started with a lecture on how a new guiding idea and its consequences lead to a new understanding of the landscape. It continued with a ride on the Hahnenkammbahn to the summit station.

In addition to brief keynote presentations, among others by the President of TVB Kitzbühel, Signe Reisch, the view over the Kitzbühel Alps could be enjoyed. After the exciting visit of the start house, the hike continued along the Streif to the finish area.


Preview The 9th European hiking symposium

The 9th Euopean hiking symposium is planned for October 2019.

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The past symposia A valuable exchange of experience on a qualitative level

hikingsymposium La Val © Andreas Kranzmayr

La Val, Alta Badia 1st European hiking symposium From the vision to the project

German report
hiking, long distance hiking, Wild Kaiser © Felbert Reiter

Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser 2nd European hiking symposium On the right way

German report

3. hikingsymposium Pfronten im Allgäu © Andreas Kranzmayr

Pfronten im Allgäu 3rd European hiking symposium Landscape tells history

German report
Art on the mountain Lech am Arlberg © Karmen Nahberger

Lech am Arlberg 4rd European hiking symposium Art in the countryside

German report
Hiking trail Truden in the nature park © Karmen Nahberger

Truden Nature Park 5th European hiking symposium The nature park as ambassador

German report
castle Juwal Schnalstal passage © Europas Wanderdörfer

Schnalstal 6th European hiking symposium A moving valley

German report
Lake Millstatt, Granattor Archiv MTG © Franz Gerdl

Millstätter See 7th European hiking symposium Grow on your own

German report
panorama view Kitzbühel © Michael Werlberger, Kitzbühel Tourismus

Kitzbühel in Tyrol 8th 7th European hiking symposium From the invention of nature and its digital rediscovery

German report

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